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Gas or diesel? From minor maintenance to major repairs, our team of experienced mechanics is ready to serve your needs.

We offer a Pick-Up and Drop-Off service for the Portsmouth, Ohio Area while you work. Does not include towing.

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NEW Tires
Call for Pricing

We carry most major brands, pricing varies by Brand, Size, and Application. Call For Brands and Pricing. Includes mount and balancing.

Used Tires
$25 and up

We have a large selection of used tires with prices to fit just about any budget. All tire purchased are mounted and balanced at no additional cost.

Tire Warranty

All of our used tires come with a 30 day warranty that includes broken belts, leaks and defects.

Tire Puncture Repair
$10 and up

A? flat tire can usually be repaired. We'll be happy to get you up and rolling again.

Tire Rotation and Balancing
$25 and up

Rotating and balancing your tires will increase tire life and reduce vibrations from uneven contact with the road.

Mount and Balancing
$12 and up

Mount and Balance your tires

Tire Disposal
$4 each

EPA approved disposal of used tires


Serpentine Belt Replacement
$34.99 and up

Serpentine belts are built to last – much longer than before because of advancements in rubber technology. Under ideal conditions, a belt should stick with you for an average of 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Pretty impressive. However, some belts are manually tensioned and may need to be adjusted. Others have a self-tensioning mechanism that can experience wear over time and may need to be serviced. One thing to remember: in most cases, if the belt breaks, the vehicle will stop running.

Heater Hose Replacement
$39.99 and up

During the cold winter months, your heating system must be working properly. One vital part to your vehicle’s heating system is its heater hoses. Before we cover what exactly heater hoses are and what they do, we should understand how your vehicle’s heating system actually works. It may seem surprising, but your vehicle’s heating system actually works off your engine’s cooling system. When your engine is running, it produces tremendous amounts of heat. This heat needs to be transferred away from the engine so the engine doesn’t overheat. Engine coolant, called antifreeze, travels throughout the engine absorbing the excess heat and transports it out of the engine. Then, basically what your heating system does is it uses the excess heat from the engine to heat the inside of your vehicle. Some of the engine’s excess heat will travel to the radiator and will be released into the atmosphere. However, some of the excess heat also travels to the heater core (the heater core, located inside your dashboard, is in charge of heating your vehicle). This is where heater hoses come into play. Heater hoses are used to transfer the excess heat, in the form of engine coolant, from the engine into the heater core. Once the heated engine coolant reaches the heater core, it travels through small tubes inside the heater core. Then, the heater fan blows on the tubes, sending warm air through the heating vents and into your vehicle. The heater hoses will then transfer the heated engine coolant out of the heater core and back to the engine.

Radiator Hose Replacement
$44.99 and up

All modern automotive engines are liquid-cooled, and the cooling system is essential to keep these engines from overheating. Radiator hoses carry coolant, or antifreeze, between the engine and radiator. Over time, a radiator hose is exposed to high heat and, in some climates, freezing temperatures, too. To prevent a failure, replace your radiator hose to keep the cooling system operating correctly and to prevent your engine from overheating. If your car is over four years old or has more than 60,000 miles, it may be time to replace your hose. If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving wear can occur even quicker. If a leak develops, you run the risk of overheating your engine and should replace the hose immediately.

Basic Tune up
$49.99 and up

Includes new spark plugs.

Advanced Tune up
$159.99and up

Includes new premium spark plugs, plug wires, air filter and oil change.


17-Point Oil Change Service
$29.99 and up

Includes: 17 point inspection, fluids topped off, up to 5 qts and a filter.

Filter Replacement
$16.99 and up

Replace? the air filter in your vehicle.

Battery Installation/Maintenance
$5.99 and up

Have your battery tested and terminals cleaned and coated to protect from future corrosion.

New 2 Year Batteries
$124.99 (for most)

New 2 year batteries with roadside assistance.

Windshield Wipers
$5.99 per blade and up

New Quality Wipers, installed.

AMSOIL Full Synthetic Oil Change

Includes 17 point inspection, up to 5 qts full synthetic oil, fluids topped off and oil filter

Carquest Synthetic Oil Change

Includes 17 point inspection, up to 5 qts synthetic oil, fluids topped off and oil filter


A/C Service

Most Vehicles. Additional charge for front and rear systems

Basic Brake and Pad Service
$54.99 and up

We replace your brakes and brake pads.

Brake and Rotor Service
$159.99 and up

We replace your brakes and rotors.

Diagnosis and Evaluation Services

This is $49.99 with a $30 refund which will be applied toward repair of findings. We use state of the art technology to make sure of accurate repairs


17 Point Inspection

Includes Fluid levels, Belts, Hoses, Filters, Cooling System, Battery, Wipers, Lamps and Tires

27 Point Inspection

Includes Inspection of Belts, Hoses, Filters, Cooling System, Battery, Wipers, Lamps, Brakes, Tires, Axles, U joints, Suspension, read codes and Exhaust Systems.


Call for Pricing


Click H E R E to find out more about our Technet Warranty.

When you have service and repairs performed by our authorized TECHNET Professional, you're covered by a nationwide limited repair warranty that extends across North America, for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first.®

Click H E R E to browse or print the brochure.


We are always asked this question, will you work with other warranty companies, and the answer most simply is: Yes. We will work with most aftermarket warranty companies.

The typical steps when dealing with a warranty company are:

  • Call them to file a claim and get approval
  • Contact you (the client) to inform you of the results of that conversation and provide you with a quote for the price difference if there is any and inform you of any delays such as the warranty company wanting to send out an adjuster/inspector to verify what we are telling them.
  • Complete the authorized work.
  • Submit the completed invoice to the warranty company for payment.

Please note that some warranty companies have a cap on labor rate and don’t pay for testing procedures to troubleshoot the problems. Most don’t pay for fluids or shop supplies needed to complete the work, you would have to review your specific contract for more details.

We will not release a vehicle until our invoice has been paid in full. You can choose to pay the full invoice and have the warranty company reimburse you directly if they offer that, again, you will have to review your contract with them.



We’ll help you buy what you need today. And we’ll give you 12 months to pay for it - regardless of your credit score. Apply online, on your mobile device, or in the showroom of your favorite store. It’s easy to apply and even easier to be approved.

You apply, get approved, then you shop. It’s that simple.

We don't ask a lot. Our approval process boils down to four, simple questions.

  • Income History

    Do you have a three-month history with your current employer or source of income?

  • Monthly Income

    Do you deposit $1,000 or more into your checking account each month?

  • Checking Account

    Have you had a checking account for at least 90 days?

  • Checking Activity

    Is your checking account free from NSFs, excessive overdrafts, and negative balances?

WARNING:Please make sure any time you fill out a personal information form, your computer has a virus protection software running, your computer isn't full of viruses, and the top link in the URL bar starts with https which is a secure method!

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